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In the competitions, there are three components to the team's score: 


The first scoring component is a spontaneous problem that challenges the team in 5 to 8 minutes to provide creative answers to a verbal question or to build a structure with provided materials. The team will not know what the problem is until they enter the competition room. If you are interested in learning more about spontaneous, visit the Odyssey of the Mind Problems page.

Long-Term Problem

The main scoring component is the long-term problem score. The team will spend much time together building a solution for this problem. Each problem is different and each has different grading systems. More details of long-term problems can be found at
Style Points
The final element in the competition scoring is in Style. This component reviews the creativity and/or artistic quality of some of the elements in the long-term solution. The problem synopsis will highlight some of the elements that will be graded for style and others can be selected by the team. 

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