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Help children learn to solve problems creatively! Odyssey of the Mind is a rewarding experience for both team members and coaches.  

The success of the Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind program is dependent on volunteer coaches: parents, guardians and young adults over the age of 20. Each year these individuals take an incredible journey making memories that will last a lifetime. The more volunteer coaches we have, the more students will be able to participate. It is a fantastic personal experience and wonderful community service.


Why become a coach?
POMA is constantly looking for new coaches. Here are the ways in which parents can personally benefit from becoming an Odyssey of the Mind coach:
  • You will grow as a person.

  • You will improve your creative thinking skills.

  • You will increase your professional and social network.

  • You will guarantee a spot for your child on a team. In fact, you can form a team with friends of your child.

  • You will work on a challenging, fun, multi-month project with your child.

  • You will see your child change right before your eyes in ways you could never have imagined.

  • You will have the complete support and shared knowledge of the POMA Board.

  • You will be taught by POMA how to coach your team to be competitive.

  • You will receive literature that will guide you.

  • You will receive monthly training throughout the entire season.

Why should students get involved?
In Odyssey of the Mind, students learn at a young age skills that will last a lifetime. Here are the benefits to joining Odyssey of the Mind:
  • They will learn to work within a timetable.

  • They will manage a budget.

  • They will communicate with their fellow teammates.

  • They will evaluate options.

  • They will learn how to make decisions.

  • They will have improved self esteem.

  • They will acquire greater confidence.

  • They will finish the program with skills they will use throughout their lives.  

STE(A)M Skills:

Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), Math

Find out how Odyssey of the Mind problems meet STE(A)M and 21st-century skill requirement: 

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