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Code of Conduct for Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind Association

All coaches / parents wishing to register a team as part of the Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind Association are required to sign this code of conduct form. This form requires coaches / parents to agree to abide by the “Code of Conduct for Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind Association (POMA) Coaches / parents ” as shown below.



Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind Association (POMA) requires that all coaches / parents observe the highest standards of professional ethics. A few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Always act with respect and sportsmanship.

  • Never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.

  • Always treat others in a courteous and professional manner regardless of their gender, ability, or cultural backgrounds.   


Standard of Conduct

As a POMA coach, I believe that it is my duty to promote important life skills and the development of good character. I believe that essential elements of character-building are embodied in the concepts of respect and sportsmanship.

  • Respect: I will treat all people, including team members, parents, and officials with respect all the time and will require the same of my team.

  • Sportsmanship: I will be a good sport by demonstrating support of all POMA teams, coaches / parents, and officials at practices and tournaments. I will use positive coaching methods to make the experience enjoyable, increase self-esteem, and foster an appreciation for the program. I will encourage team members to pursue victory with honor, to think and compete as a team, and to do their best. I will discourage selfishness and put less emphasis on the final outcome of the competition than upon effort, teamwork, and character.


  Outside Assistance (OA)

I understand that it is my responsibility as a coach to ensure that all team members and their supporters (parents, family, and friends) understand and abide by the OA rules. I will do my best to uphold and promote this basic tenant of the OM program.

I will not participate or allow Outside Assistance as outlined in the Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide. 

  • This includes, but is not limited to, the creation and construction of any aspect of the team’s LT solution, suggesting or promoting any particular ideas for the LT solution.  

  • I understand that by allowing or giving Outside Assistance, I am taking away from the team’s ownership of their solution.


For Coaches

I understand that in my position as a POMA coach, I must act in accordance with the following code:

  • Training: I understand that I am responsible for all information passed along at any POMA coaches’ training sessions. I am aware that coaching guidelines are also available on the Odyssey of the Mind website, I know that I can receive help and support from the POMA website,  

  • Knowledge: I will maintain a thorough knowledge of the competition rules as outlined in the current year’s “Odyssey of the Mind Program Guide” which is available through POMA or on the web at . I will also maintain a thorough understanding of the rules outlined by my specific problem, including any team-generated or public clarifications. I understand that it is my responsibility to assure that my team members know and understand the rules as well.



I have read this “Code of Conduct for POMA” and agree to abide by it while participating in Pennsbury Odyssey of the Mind Regional, State, and World competitions.



Print Name: ________________________________  Signature: ________________________________    Date:  __________



Adapted with Permission from the California Odyssey of the Mind Code of Conduct for coaches                       last revised 9/2017

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